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18 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK
(+44) 871.075.0336
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The best kickboxing fitness studio that delivers results!

Nothing beats a fun-kick-ass workout that introduces new boxing and kickboxing styles and techniques that make each session more exciting than the last!

Our qualified kickboxing coaches love to get creative and will motivate you no matter what your technique or skill level is. With eight different classes to choose from, whether you are a pro athlete or never put on gloves before, this workout is for you!


Gloves, Bag & Keychain

As a new member you will receive your own boxing gloves, glove bag, keychain and unlimited week!

40+ Class Schedule

Morning, afternoons, evening, weekends and holidays. So many options to chose from throughout the week.

Workout At Any Studio

Your membership allows you to enjoy all our classes and coaches across all of our studio locations.

Results. Results. Results.

Every class is a full body, dynamic workout, targeting cardio and muscle building methods. The intensity is limitless and totally up to you. All this equals results.

8 Class Styles

Constantly stimulating the mind and shocking the body with new and different classes, circulating through the schedule.

Kickboxing Coaches

Passionate and creative kickboxing coaches, with different backgrounds, coming together to deliver kick-ass classes.

Showers & Towel Service

We provide face towels, bath towels for showers and a wet cold towel at the end of your workout.

App Booking

Most convenient way to manage and book your classes and membership.

Open 365 Days

We don't like to close, so we give you an option to sweat every day of the year.

Kickboxing increases your heart rate to a cardiovascular state while engaging your entire body. Once your heart rate is up and you strike with force, you activate a muscle gaining response as that movement mimics a heavy weight being used. This process combined with the science of Big Hit, which incorporates creative movements that utilize weighted tools and class themes, will take your body and mind to new heights.
Our classes target and benefit the two most important components of physical fitness for quicker results that are much more sustainable. By focusing on improving aerobic and muscular strength at a dynamic pace, you develop a faster metabolism long-term and more athletic results!
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Queen West Member

I've been going to Big Hit for the past 8 months and needless to say I'm pretty much addicted to this workout! Never been a fan of running, that's why Big Hit is the perfect place to get some cardio and exercise done. Love the high energy and high intensity workout plus the instructors will kick your ass. My body is a lot more lean and toned, but not too muscular. My legs and arms are more defined, and I'm still working on getting that 6-pack 🙂 Would definitely recommend everyone to try, you'll most likely get hooked!

Wendy Rorong

Oakville Member

I went to Big Hit today and had an amazing class with Lolita! What a great instructor! The studio itself is top notch, clean, and complete with change rooms and showers. Absolutely love this place !

Rafal Kotlowski

Queen West Member

KICKA$$ Gym in Toronto! Once I retired from competitive sport, it was a challenge to fulfill that void with just a gym workout. Big Hit Kickboxing Studio has filled that void and then some. The coaches and team there are outstanding. The classes are always intense and I know I will get a great workout and let off some steam all in less than an hour. They have never disappointed and I would recommend this place to all levels of fitness.

Vickie Hiltz

Oakville Member

This studio has completely changed my life! Not only is it an amazing workout (I've lost 28 pounds since April), but the staff are extremely friendly and it's a great place to meet people. The workouts have increased my cardio endurance, I feel strong and fit, and I've developed a confidence I didn't even know that I had. It is most definitely my favorite part of the week. I love doing the personal training, but I also love doing the group classes. I would highly recommend this to anyone at any level of fitness. Absolutely LOVE Big Hit Studios.

Sari Pryor

Queen West Member

I have been attending Big Hit since they first opened in 2014; as I was competitive in sport my entire life, I was looking for a new challenge outside of the normal gym routine. The workout is a high intensity 45 minutes, but can easily be modified to any skill level. The trainers have always been amazing here, offering advice and pointers on proper form, as well as mixing up the workouts every time so that you always feel challenged. They also offer private 1:1 pad sessions if you really want to amp up your boxing skills - highly recommend! If you are looking for looking for a serious adrenaline rush, Big Hit is for you!

Jessica Smith
Sweat. Strong. Proud.

Fun is at the core of every class! No matter how hard you work, we ensure the that you have a great time.


When it’s You Vs You, the level of intensity and how much you are challenged is in your hands! We set the bar high but you control how hard you push yourself every step of the way.


Every class works your entire body, burning more calories than any traditional workout. You build muscle and cardio strength, which speeds up your metabolism long term.


Members develop a strong sense of community as the vibe within our studio is friendly, fun and contagious! There’s just something about Big Hit that brings everyone closer together!

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